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The Jumps, Residential Development

The Jumps is a sustainable, low energy, new housing development in Street, Somerset and was commissioned by a private funder to provide on-site housing accommodation for teaching staff.

The houses form part of a wider on-going succession of accommodation which are contemporary in design and style, whilst providing feasible, open and spacious living areas.

The buildings have been designed to make use of sustainable materials and have been integrated with renewable energy sources to provide heating and power.

The development provides the occupants with electronic opening areas which not only give good daylight provision, but also pleasing views of the courtyard and central communal areas.

The project was awarded the LABC best education development in 2014 “Winner”.

The Jumps, Residential Development, Street, Collier Reading, Wells Architects

New Builds

Once a site has been identified we can advise on the planning status and likelihood of obtaining planning permission. It is then a matter of designing your dream house and we like to have an active role in this, working closely with you to reach a suitable design.

We do not try to push our design ideas onto our clients but at the same time we are happy to provide ideas and thoughts towards ensuring that what is drawn is acceptable to you and to the planners and the subsequent approval processes. We can then recommend local suitable contractors with whom we have an on-going relationship to ensure that the build process is as painless as possible.

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