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Robs Blog

I am currently working at Collier Reading Architects on my ‘Year Out’, after completing my Bachelor’s Degree at the Newcastle School of Architecture.

I was always interested in design and how things fit together, but didn’t settle on Architecture as a career path until I was in my school sixth form. A former alumni at my school is an Architect at a practice in Bath, and I did some work experience there whilst I was at school.

Architecture is a mixed discipline and therefore architects have to have a good knowledge of a wide range of subjects. Students wishing to pursue this career could choose A-levels to include Art; Humanities; and a science-based subject such as Physics or Maths.        

I started working at Collier Reading Architects in November 2013 and am primarily working on other people’s drawings, making amendments where necessary, whilst going out on survey to measure and draw existing buildings. Recently I have also begun to produce technical work (such as the drawings required for Building Regulations), and this is really the aim of the ‘Year Out’ – to move away from theory into the reality of working as an architect. Most of my work has been on residential properties, although I have been involved in some work for educational establishments too, as Collier Reading Architects has several clients in this sector.

In September 2015 I will return to University to continue my studies for a further two years, at which stage I will gain a Master’s Degree. The final part of my studies is a further one year placement, after which I will take my final exams. This is the ‘professional’ aspect of becoming an architect, which looks at the legal and practical side of working in practice.

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