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A New Team

Over the previous few months, we have welcomed three new members to the Collier Reading team. At the end of 2017, Maria and Chris joined our practice. Both Part – 1  Architectural Assistants and they have been integrated into our work flow and accommodated themselves excellently with the ways of the practice. Most recently they have become confident in their ability to conduct surveys effectively which has enabled our practice to have a greater reach and two new faces to be known by. Maria, graduating from the University of the West of England, previously worked for an architectural designer for six months before coming to the practice. The knowledge that she gained during that time allowed her to competently take on and complete jobs at the practice. This has allowed for the finalisation of a number of projects which are currently on site and under construction.

Chris joined us from the University of Plymouth and has been plunged into the deep end, which is the contemporary architecture practice.  Yet, his skills in technology have allowed our practice to resolve problems that couldn’t have been achieved so accurately without these techniques. His tackling of surveys have allowed him to understand the composition of buildings to a much greater degree, enabling his work beyond the inception of the project to be impacted as a consequence of this new found knowledge. A particular example of this being the use of 3D scanning to find a wall thickness that was immeasurable by traditional techniques.

The beginning of 2018 saw Architectural Technologist Ricky join our ranks. His knowledge of the Building Regulations has been invaluable in creating a fluid transition through the latter half of the RIBA work stages. This has enabled a greater volume of drawings to be produced and his commitment to the work inside and outside of the office has been noticed and highly appreciated.  This has been most evident with recent projects, wherein the building regulation drawings, negotiating with structural engineers and liaising with the contractors were all handled impeccably by Ricky. This has allowed the project to start construction on site and rapidly progress through to completion.  

All three of our newcomers have integrated well into the ethics and culture of the office creating a better environment within and without the practice. This is undoubtedly demonstrated on the work outings on Friday afternoons, the sessions of continued professional development and the seasonal events sponsored by the practice. We hope our recent employees continue to enjoy being a part of and progress their skills during their time at Collier Reading Architects.        

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